Tesla Model S, 5 Passenger Sedan

The sedan that brought clean, electric transportation to the masses; the Tesla Model S has redefined the automotive industry. Now, it is redefining the ground transportation industry, as well. Safe, quiet, spacious, and emission-free, the Model S is on the forefront of a clean revolution. With range comparable to it's gasoline counterparts, rest assured that you will never be left stranded by dead batteries. There is also more luggage space for those extended getaways. With no engine to occupy the front of the vehicle, there is ample room for carry-ons and other miscellaneous items, as well as a hatch-back trunk for those over-sized bags (including golf bags).

Tesla Model X, 6 or 7 Passenger SUV

Ensuring you arrive on time, elegantly, and - most of all - safely, Alset is proud to offer the safest, cleanest, and most advanced SUV ever built. The Tesla Model X, with seating for either 6 or 7 passengers, will get you where you need to go, in style, and offering an unparalleled travel experience, all while producing absolutely zero carbon emissions.

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